Want Virtual Snow on your site?

If you want virtual snow (probably nicer than the real stuff as there is no slush left to clean up) then check out Snowstorm: JavaScript snow effect for HTML . Be warned though - this uses a lot of CPU on the computer redendering the page and it will slow things down. Quite cool though.

December 5, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Redirects setup

After moving the blog to WordPress, almost all my redirects should work now from the old blog posts to the new one. For example if you click on this old url http://desigeek.com/weblog/amit/archive/2009/10/25/installing-openscenegraph-on-ubuntu.aspx it should redirect you and you see the new and correct url. Overall it was simple to setup via the .htaccess file and some simple regex. The only thing I found the hard way was that I should be using “RedirectMatch” when setting up the regex rule rather than the “Redirect” which is what I was using....

December 2, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Linux Hater blog

I was looking for something else and came across the Linux Hater Blog . I am not a Linux hater (am writing this on Ubuntu). Some people might think this is funny, but there is a dark undercurrent running in the posts. I honestly stopped reading after a couple of posts. I don’t know why is there so much hate against Linux in this blog. Am surprised by the negativity on the blog....

November 26, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Suggestions on how best to configure Permalink Settings?

Any suggestions how best to configure the Permalink settings in WordPress? I still need to fix all my old links from this blog when it was running on Community Server 2007. CS 2007 use to use something like /archive/year/month/day/unique-id. Is that the best way to go now as well or are there better and more flexible options? Also I tried using the %tag% field, but it does not like it and had to revert to using %categories% as you probably can see....

November 26, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Add-in recommendation for displaying code in a post?

I searched and found a lot of Wordpress addins/widgets for displaying code in a post and was wondering if there are any recommendations? I need to be able to show XML, C++, C, C# primarily. F# and Haskell would be nice but not essential. Update: Also should be able to use Windows Live Writer when posting the code. Am I asking for too much here? :)

November 23, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Time to ditch CS 2007 nearer?

I have said it in the past about me moving away from CS to WordPress . I just stumbled across this post from Scott who has done exactly the same thing. So maybe the time to ditch CS is coming near. I just need some free time to try this.

August 24, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Creating a bootable USB drive for Windows

Dave has an excellent post on how to create a bootable USB drive for installing Vista or maybe Win 7. You could also use WinRAR to extract your ISO directly on to the flash drive (after formatting it as NTFS of course). A couple of points to remember though: Make sure you use a “flash” drive (or USB stick) and not a USB HDD drive as some of those have issues with this....

March 24, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Disable Auto-tuning on Windows

Receive Window Auto-Tuning is a feature in this version of Windows that improves networking performance when you are using newer networking hardware, but the feature might cause problems with older networking hardware. Sometimes, disabling Auto-Tuning might solve your problem. To disable Auto-Tuning: Click the Start button , and then, in the Search box, type cmd. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to run the program as an administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation....

March 17, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Am tweeting now

Although I have had an account for some time on Twitter, I just have not been bothered until now. Anyways, that is changing – am tweeting now . You can follow me there if you choose to – though not sure if I am going to make any more sense there than here.

March 11, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Avanade Surface Demo

This is a cool Surface demo build my a few colleagues which showcases a hospitality demo. We build this and got it up and running out of our Avanade London office. :)

March 9, 2009 · Amit Bahree

What Blogging Engine (other than CS)?

I am using Community Server 2007 for my blog. I originally started in .Text (which some of you ‘old timers’ might remember as being open source) and had modified the code a fair amount to something I wanted. Over the years stuck with that and then CS 1.0, 2.0, etc as .Text was ‘morphed’ into Community Server (CS) from Telligent. While overall I have been happy with CS 2007 off late I have been quite put off with it due to a few reasons:...

March 3, 2009 · Amit Bahree

U2 and BCC

The BCC hosted a “secret” and surprise gig for U2 where they played on the roof of the BBC Broadcasting House on Regents Street in London. I heard about it in the news and then watched it via the Red Button . It was only a few songs but it was awesome. Of course, you can catch it again on iPlayer (for those of you in the UK). Those who cannot get to iPlayer can watch the whole thing on YouTube ....

March 1, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Finding out which DC you logged on to?

If for some reason you are curious to know which DC (Domain Controller) you logged on to then all you need to do is use the LOGONSERVER environment variable. Of course this means your machine is already part of a domain. The easiest way to see this will be to type the following in a cmd prompt: echo %logonserver%

February 21, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Top 10 Technology Priorities (for 2009)

Gartner has published CIO’s top 10 Technology priorities for 2009, which are: Business intelligence Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM and others) Servers and storage technologies (virtualization) Legacy application modernization Collaboration technologies Networking, voice and data communications Technical infrastructure Security technologies Service-oriented applications and architecture Document management

January 16, 2009 · Amit Bahree

New Way to listen to Radio

I always have been a huge fan of Screamer Radio and still cannot recommend it enough! There are a couple of other ways as well if you prefer that. One is the new open source application called Songbird which is my choice for listening to Music. Songbird is from the same guys who wrote Firefox and the quality is pretty good. I particularly like the Lyrics add-on which displays lyrics of the song you are listening to....

January 4, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Happy New Year 2009

Hope the year is good to all of you!

January 1, 2009 · Amit Bahree

Live Writer 2009 RC Released

Live Writer’s new 2009 Release Candidate is available for download . I continue to be impressed by this editor and I cannot recommend it enough. 😄

December 28, 2008 · Amit Bahree

Amazon Cloud Services support Oracle

Interesting to see how Amazon Web Services (AWS) has expanded; in addition to SimpleDB now they support Oracle and mySQL – this certainly ups the ante and will make it more enticing for Enterprises to hop onto this. I have been using S3 for a some time now where my WHS is backing up and have been quite pleased. It will be interesting to see how Zurich responds with SQL Server....

September 24, 2008 · Amit Bahree

Test Post – please ignore

Testing, testing, can anyone see this?

August 28, 2008 · Amit Bahree

Big Brother watching via Bluetooth?

Guardian has an interesting story on how Bluetooth is being used to track people’s movement in Bath. The concern is that the 10 or so scanners not only pick up your mobile’s ID (which you have set) but can also pick up your Identity via your name. email and phone numbers. So think carefully before switching on your Bluetooth on the mobile!

July 21, 2008 · Amit Bahree

Switching Off Snap "Preview"

I think Snap Previews were a good idea earlier but now for me it has just started getting irritating and for my blog I have switched it off.

May 31, 2008 · Amit Bahree

First Windows 7 Screenshots

Do these seem to be the first Window 7 Screenshots or is it Photoshop magic?

January 25, 2008 · Amit Bahree

VMware Fusion - the perfect Mac and Windows marriage?

VMware Fusion is not new and I have been meaning to blog about it for a while but just not got around to it until now. If you only have used VPC (Virtual PC) or it’s bigger cousin (Virtual Server) and never used one of the VMware products, wake up and smell the coffee and get ready to get blown away. VMware Workstation for example is so much better than VPC and is not even in the same league....

January 20, 2008 · Amit Bahree

Hotels Glasses

I came across this undercover report on Hotel Glasses from a colleague or mine and it sure is very disturbing! A must watch if you stay in hotels.

January 17, 2008 · Amit Bahree

Testing with Ink

Ink Generated with Ink Blog Plugin - http://www.edholloway.com

January 2, 2008 · Amit Bahree