Getting list of users from Microsoft Teams

I recently needed to get a list of users that belong to a specific Microsoft Teams team - and there isnt anything out of the box to get this using the Teams app. AFAIK, the only way to do this is using the Microsoft graph API - for which there are a few options. For something quick (e.g. getting a list of users in a team), using the Graph explorer could be easy enough....

June 5, 2020 · Amit Bahree

Livelock == 2020

With everything going around us - this is what 2020 feels like. 😮‍💨 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 // Livelock == an infinite loop that // means the program is frozen #define FROZEN while(1) // in hell, there are demons with pitchforks #define HELL fork(); FROZEN HELL

June 3, 2020 · Amit Bahree

Git and Code

I think this from xkcd sums up my afternoon quite nicely. Messed up a repo, and then was trying to ‘clean up’. A huge thank you to Lily, on the team, for working with me to cleaning up my mess, and helping me show some of the ropes. I know there are quite a few tutorials out there; a couple of these that I found including one from Lily. [Git syncing](http://git syncing) and a great beginner’s guide if you need that....

May 10, 2020 · Amit Bahree

Deleting Windows run history

If you have butter fingers like me, and over time end up with a lot of old commands with typos in your Windows run box that get annoying - deleting them is a simple. All you need to do it remove the following registry key. 1 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU Now every time one plays with regedit, it can be dangerous - you can also save this commend as a .cmd file, and then run it with admin privileges - essentially does the same thing....

September 28, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Docker / Docker Compose on a Pi

Been playing with a few things at home, and as part of that was trying to get Docker and Docker Compose running on a Raspberry Pi. Docker Compose if you aren’t familiar with, allows one to run multi-container apps, and is very handy when building multi-tier layered applications - which are quite common. I was running it docker on my (Synology) NAS, but a recent update from them broke docker - specifically environment variables....

September 26, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Tesla API v3.9.1

Haven’t had time until now to explore on what is new as Tesla continues to push updates. The latest version as of this post is v3.9.1 which is what there I decompiled and when compared to the earlier version ( I had posted (v3.8.2) , there three new REST API’s outlined below. Service data from the car - not sure what exactly does this will. Need to try it. 1 2 3 4 5 "VEHICLE_SERVICE_DATA": { "TYPE": "GET", "URI": "api/1/vehicles/{vehicle_id}/service_data", "AUTH": true } Now, when I call that, I get a 200OK response (see below), so it is accepting the request, and that includes the bearer code in the header as expected....

August 29, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Minor Fixes

Minor Fixes

August 23, 2019 · Amit Bahree

npm install blues - npm ERR! Error: Method Not Allowed

This is a output of a few frustrating hours (spanning over a few days - as and when I can get time), and finally got it fixed and working. Hopefully it might help someone who is also dealing with npm blues. When NodeJS and npm works, its awesome. But when it borks, it is worst than my code or so it seems :). Been playing with a few things and wanting to get a dashboard going with Grafana (and InfluxBD as a time-series DB)....

August 13, 2019 · Amit Bahree

ML Algorithms

Sometimes one needs a quick snapshot of what are the options to think through and I really like this for that. Machine Learning Algorithms

June 13, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Geek Haiku 3 - Streaming Chaos

Rain drops as I dive, into packet stream; Chaos. Malicious patterns. #Haiku #GeekHaiku

May 17, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Machine Learning 101

May 16, 2019 · Amit Bahree


Never trust an atom, they make up everything. 🤓 #GeekyJokes

May 3, 2019 · Amit Bahree


A key virtue of a programmer is laziness. As an example it is what inspires me to automate my home to the point where I don’t have to lift a finger to switch on the light. Removing friction from a system is a anesthetic joy. The drug of efficiency, feels really good. I still write code and people get surprised by that sometimes - maybe it’s the quality of the code 🤓....

May 2, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Tesla REST APIs v3.8.2

It has been a while since I played with the various Tesla endpoint (APIs) - been too busy and haven’t had the time. I de-compiled the Tesla app and noticed a few new things in there - or at least new to me. The following are the ones which seem new and stand out. How exactly some of these are used, can only be one’s guess, but I can certainly infer a few things from this....

April 20, 2019 · Amit Bahree


April 18, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Getting DonkeyCar working on a Mac

I have been playing with a #selfdriving car for a while , and that is super exciting. From a #AI and #ML perspective it is small scale but allows one to exploit all aspects of the tech stack and also appreciate the limitations of not only the software but also the hardware. With this, You run a NN on a raspberry pi that uses TensorFlow, and Keras and run inference on the edge....

March 12, 2019 · Amit Bahree


Some people, when confronted with a problem, think, ‘I know, I’ll use threads’ - and then two they hav erpoblesms. #GeekyJokes and if you don’t get it, see this . 😎

March 11, 2019 · Amit Bahree

VSCode + Python on a mac

As my experimentation continues, I wanted to get Visual Studio Code installed on a mac, and wanted to use python as the language of choice - main reason for the mac is to understand and explore the #ML libraries, runtimes, and their support on a mac (both natively and in containers - docker). Now, Microsoft has a very nice tutorial to get VSCode setup and running on a mac, including some basic configuration (e....

January 19, 2019 · Amit Bahree

Azure Cognitive Services in containers is the smart way to go

{Cross posted from my post on Avanade } Containers just got smarter. That’s the news from Microsoft, which announced recently that Azure Cognitive Services now supports containers . The marriage of AI and containers is a technology story, of course, but it’s a potentially even bigger business story, one that affects where and how you can do business and gain competitive advantage. First, the technology story Containers aren’t new, of course....

January 13, 2019 · Amit Bahree


It is a known bug with the programming language. :) #GeekyJokes #ProgrammerHumor

December 26, 2018 · Amit Bahree

Docker container running Ubuntu on Windows

Containers are all the rage right now and rightfully so - not only do they help abstract away some of the complexity and dependencies of your apps and solutions, they also make managing of environments, and, deployments much simpler. And the fact that you can do it in a consistent, and repeatable fashion is just icing on the cake. As a simple example, with Docker, on Windows (as in my case), I can run a dockerized app, on a different OS than the host, which can also be interactive....

December 7, 2018 · Amit Bahree

Ubuntu on Surface Book

I am writing this on a Microsoft Surface Book, running Ubuntu natively, and there isn’t any Windows option - I blew away, the Windows partition, and there isn’t any other OS on it. Why some of you might think? Well, why not. :) For me the motive is two fold: one am a geek and love to hack what works and cannot work - how else will one learn? And two, explore and see which AI frameworks, tools, and runtimes works better on Linux natively...

December 5, 2018 · Amit Bahree

Roots of #AI

The naming is unfortunate when talking about #AI. There isn’t anything about intelligence - not as we humans know of it. If we can rewind back to the 50’s we can perhaps rename it to something like Computational Intelligence, which is more accurate. And although I have outlined the difference between some of the elements of AI in the past, I wanted to get back to what the intent was and how this area started....

November 12, 2018 · Amit Bahree

Computer - a male or female?

So, both these arguments make sense. I can’t decide which one is accurate. Your browser does not support the audio element.

October 22, 2018 · Amit Bahree

Patent - Systems and methods for organizing and presenting skill progressions

This has been a long time coming - our patent filed a about 4 years ago was finally awarded today by the USPTO. Some details below. United States Patent 10,102,774 Bahree , et al. October 16, 2018 Systems and methods for organizing and presenting skill progression In any organization, the skills collectively possessed by individuals of the organization can determine the capabilities of the organization as a whole. Previously, there was no centralized method or system for managing skills which are complex and wide-ranging....

October 17, 2018 · Amit Bahree