Inspired by a few folks on a few forums online , I took the liberty to extend their idea using a IoT Button, that acts as a simple “keyfob” for the Model 3.

The main goal was being to allow my daughter to lock and unlock the car at home. She is too young to have a phone, and without a more traditional fob, this gets a little annoying. 

I extended the original idea, to understand the different presses (Single, Double, and Long press), and accordingly called the appropriate API to lock the car (single press - think of it as a single click), unlock on a double press, and open the charge port on a long press (when one presses and holds the button 2-3 secs).

For those who aren’t aware, the Amazon IoT buttons calls a Lambda function on AWS and plugging into that, one can extend this. The button needs to be connected, and online for this to work, and in my case, it is on the home wifi network. 

Update: Many of you asked on how to set this up for yourself; I got around to blogging all the step on that; you can read those here .