Of course you heard of Neural Networks! In the context of #AI they are all the buzz of course.

You might have heard of some such as DFF (Deep Feed Forward) or RNN (Recurrent neural networks)? Or perhaps you meant Recursive neural networks? Irrespective, it can be quite messy as you can see below and it would be somewhat important to have some understanding of the differences.


And in case you are thinking, well what good or use is all this? Here is one example ( MarI/O - Machine Learning for Video Games) that shows how a computer learned to play Mario using DeepMind and a Neural network.

MarI/O uses something called NEAT (neural evolution of augmenting topologies) and is written in Lua (which is very similar to .NET) and runs in BizHalk which is a emulator for games and their various platforms (and not to be confused with BizTalk). You can checkout the code for this here .

Fjodor also has outlined a (very) brief outline on what some of these are and what they mean. If you just want to get a quick basic understand it is a great read, with of course links back to original research papers (and deeper reads) if that is your cup of tea.

Happy reading! 😄