Continuing the Interesting Find series . Here are the things I was intrigued by:

  1.  “ Honey Encryption ” - A new approach to encryption beats attackers by presenting them with fake data.
  2. Securing the Smart Home, from Toasters to Toilets - It is afterall the era of BigData and Internet of Things (IoT).
  3. Bizarre attack infects Linksys routers with self-replicating malware.
  4. Bing Code Search for C# - right from within Visual Studio - a boon for the lazy developers (yay!). Better beef up your Legal teams as well - how will one control IP violations at the code level - not quite sure.
  5. Visualisation of data is not only about ‘prettying up’ your BI reports, but it can actually also save lifes !
  6. Oakland the city that told Google to bugger away ! Is this the start of a revolt?
  7. If you shop at and also have a Clubcard then you were aware that they were hacked ? What is hilarious, and, very poor the way they handled this and the lack of understanding. Want to see a glimpse of that? See this Twitter conversation .
  8. You like Pineapples? You can eat one; and you can also use one to break website security - very easily! Scary stuff.
  9. Microsoft MS-DOS/Word Source Code Gems - just awesome comments!
  10. Raspberry Pi car computer - enough said!
  11. Absolutely fascinating! Most Sophisticated #Android bootkit malware ever detected; Infected Millions #Security