Here are the interesting finds of this time around.

  1. IDA - A cool debugger which runs on most platforms and different from the MS variety.
  2. TypeScript - as the name suggests, it is strongly typed JS which compiles down to standard JS! This can only be good I think given all the crazy things one can so in JS. More details here .
  3. Can you hide anything from NSA?
  4. TV Tuners - did you know they can let you spy - who knew?
  5. grepWin - a powerful regex-based search and replace tool - and can work across multiple files.
  6. Twine - is a wireless sensor block tightly integrated with a cloud-based service. What all things one can do with Twine? Here are a few examples for inspiration .
  7. - tell your story visually; good resource for infographics and data visualisation
  8. Can an $11,111 coffee pot turn out a better cup of joe?
  9. What the Internet of Things (#IoT) needs to become a reality? Freescale has an interesting paper (pdf) on it.
  10. High expectations Asian Fathers - enough said!
  11. How to be a hacker ?
  12. 14 Kickstarter projects to watch out for in 2014
  13. Alloy.UI - a really cool HTML and JavaScript library with lots of useful UI features . Builds on top of YUI3 and Bootstrap.
  14. DON’T PANIC - The Facts About Population . Very interesting, especially the visualisation. You can find more on that here .
  15. As sites and services become product aware, the age of pervasive commerce begins  (remember Minority Reports ?).