I have been thinking of doing some code ‘smelliness’ test, and am keen to automate code reviews (as much as possible).

I am interested to know what tools have you guys used? I want to use the tools to find the low hanging fruits and know off the 80% of things and then we manually look at the more interesting aspects, which the tools don’t (or can’t) pick up. Ideally, I would like this as an add-in to Visual Studio, which can run as part of a build and depending on how one configures it, can get to a gated check-in and/or work-items being created in TFS which then can be assigned and tracked. What I am thinking is to complement the likes of FxCop, the built-in Visual Studio tools. There was TeamReview which I had looked at some point in the past, but we never got it running successfully. I have not had a chance to see it since then. Someone has also attempted some of this via this , but it does not seem to go anywhere. Surely, there someone has already build this which we can look into?