In other news of the day … we are going to be moving in the next few weeks to Bangalore. Avanade , is sending me on a posting / secondment to Bangalore for 18 months to help out with a few things. Of course, the family will be moving as well. After my tenure, the plan is to come back to London.

So, over the next few days/weeks there is going to be a flurry of activity with us trying to rent our flat, sell the car , packing, moving things into storage, figuring out what to feed and drink the muscle (a.k.a friends and family – suckers!) who we managed to rope in to help with the stuff, etc., etc.

I have been to Bangalore only twice before – each time for a few days on work. Needless to say, it is going to be an interesting experience. There are a few excited people in Bangalore waiting for this – I just hope I can live up the the hype. :)

And yes, the tickets have been booked and confirmed!