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  1. [InstEd It](InstEd - Make packaging more productive) - an interesting tool that allows one to edit MSI files - handy when you don’t want to install the full Windows SDK just to get the Orca editor. (you can also just download the SDK samples and use that instead of the full SDK).
  2. WHS backup to LAN - If for some reason you don’t want to use WHS’s built-in backup option and prefer to back it up to LAN
  3. 10 Beautiful Login screen for Ubuntu - very nice themes to change your login screen.
  4. Fast Car Wallpapers - name says it all.
  5. Microsoft Pivot - Pivot makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun.
  6. PlantUML - UML add-in (jar file) for Eclipse. You cannot draw a diagram, instead you describe it using a language .
  7. Papyrus 4 UML - another UML add-in (also for Eclipse), which seems to be more professional looking than PlantUML. However this does not support Activity diagrams (yet), which PlantUML does.
  8. Spinlocks, page frame number locks (and the meaning of life) - I don’t think any more needs to be said. :)
  9. - write upside down (: sıɥʇ ǝʞıl.
  10. Google Goggles - use pictures to search the web.
  11. Haystack - very interesting idea which encrypts your data and then hides it in regular http traffic. Mainly used to help out the citizens of Iran, but useful elsewhere as well.
  12. BeRTOS - a real-time OS hits a major stable milestone.