The next post in the interesting find series.

  1. Top 25 ‘most dangerous’ programming errors for 2009 – interesting read as always. :)
  2. The 100 essential websites – from the Guardian.
  3. Please Rob – the dark side of geocoding .
  4. SSD Optimisation guide - a must read if anyone is thinking of buying a SSD drive.
  5. 37Signals – simple web based apps (instead of bloatware) covering things like managing projects, tracking contacts, organizing your business, etc. (Not free in case you were wondering).
  6. Never reboot Linux - even when updating the Kernel. When can Windows have this?
  7. SSD Tweak Utility - if you still want to tweak more things after reading the SSD optimisation guide above.
  8. FsUnit – Test F# with F# - I think the name says it all.
  9. devZing - No hassle open source project management hosting (from $10 / month); though I wonder why you can’t use google for this.
  10. Jollat – a cool GUI for you AWS (Amazon Web Services) which allows you to manage S3 and EC2 on Amazon – runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  11. Podcasts from MS – the name says it all.
  12. Digging for Sensitive information – how to get details on someone you know.
  13. Panopticlick — How unique, and trackable, is your browser? My browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 641,692 tested so far which is quite scary!
  14. SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview – only works with Win7.
  15. Large Query performance stats from SQL 2K to 2K8 – quite interesting and covers both x32 and x64.
  16. PresentationFx – provides free PowerPoint templates and artwork.
  17. Making a cool Vista Screensaver – this should also work on Win7 (not tried this btw).