Been missing in action for a while – been extremely busy.

  1. Dropbox – store, sync and share your files online via Amazon’s S3.
  2. OAuth – open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a web/fat clients. About time we got the Facebooks and Twitters of the world start implementing this (more details on that another time).
  3. Scott’s ultimate developer and power user tools – the name says it all - very cool.
  4. Microsoft Tags - transform physical media (ads, billboards,product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, video images, etc.) - into live links for accessing information and entertainment online.
  5. Cucku – another service which backs up your data to the cloud. I personally use WHS + Amazon’s S3 – got about 40 GB on it now. 😄
  6. App Store – view Apple’s app store in your browser instead of iTunes.
  7. Quidco – an ad-free cash-back cooperative that passes on all referral commissions in exchange for keeping £5 a year as an admin fee. Seems to be quite cool.
  8. CloudBuddy – extend you desktop to the cloud (Amazon S3) – in addition to documents you can also use this for Outlook including your calendar, tasks, etc.
  9. Cool Machine Names – I will certainly be looking at this whenever I get my next machine.
  10. gScreen – dual screen laptops; it sure is cool, but is too heavy to be a “portable”. Maybe vaporware as well? If you are skeptical like I am, maybe MaxiVista is the way to go?