1. Shared View from Microsoft - a fast, easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups anytime, anywhere and works across physical boundaries, through firewalls, and down to the smallest details.
  2. Switcher - gets Expose (from Mac) on Windows very cool! (you need Vista + Aero)
  3. VS.NET 2008 SP1 likely to come later this year adds a lot of new stuff.
  4. SMS things (only if you are in the US)
    • SMS411 - helps you send SMS to phone’s on specific carriers in the US.
    • Teleflip - goes a step further and automatically figures out the carrier (also only for the US).
  5. TFS Admin - seems to do a few interesting things if you admin TFS (I have not used it first hand so can’t say).
  6. Many Books - offers thoughts of free eBooks in many formats for your PDA, iPod, or eBook reader.
  7. Hadoop - is a framework for running applications on large clusters built of commodity hardware; it is effectively a grid application which under the covers uses a DFS and can supposedly scale up to reliably store and process petabytes.
  8. Invisible Computing - research prototype for making small devices part of the seamless computing world. It consists of compact middleware for constructing embedded web services applications and a small component based Real-Time Operating System with TCP/IP networking to make middleware run straight on the metal on several embedded processors.
  9. Chumby - seems interesting concept - but I get all that on my phone and will it work in the uk?
  10. Delta Copy -  robocopy on steroids; this on copies the sectors that have changed. So if you have a 2 gb PST file – only the new sectors are copied instead of the whole file. Note – there as issues with Vista!
  11. pptPlex – allows you to present PowerPoint using a zoomable canvas instead of slides – quite interesting.