1. .NET v3.5 Product Roadmap
  2. Information overload in Outlook? Check out ClearContext and Jello.Dashboard
  3. Nokia’s nano-technology based Morph Concept - very interesting on where we might be heading! Oh how I am envious of our future generation. 😄
  4. Although SQL 2008 benchmarks are out and quite impressive; if you want to run the CTP before March, it seems you cannot - lol!  What is MS thinking? Duh!
  5. C5 - Generic Collection Library
  6. Visual Studio themes ; I personally like a few of the dark themes.
  7. Migrating to gmail becomes easier from Outlook, PST files, etc.
  8. However, if you want to backup your gmail (why you would want to do in the first place is besides me), and want want to use G-Archiver , then do so at <strong>your own peril!!!</strong>
  9. Tools galore - check out Hanselman Ultimate Tools List