1. Squeaky Geek to Silicon Saint ; number 5 is my favourite.
  2. Bar da Boa - wait for the flash to finish loading (be patient); enter your First and Last names and click on “Visualizer” - lol.
  3. MSR’s InkSeine - which allows you to find stuff with ink, seems quite handy if you use a tablet; some videos here ; you can get it here .
  4. TSA is blogging - now you can vent your frustrations!
  5. In case you ever wondered, how ASP.NET uses memory ? Especially handy when one started running out of memory.
  6. Xperf - a new tool in Windows SDK.
  7. Feeling nostalgic? Check out ScummVM .
  8. Sony Ericsson’s new Windows Mobile based phone - quite cool.
  9. Apparently, multi-functional printers are the latest security threat .
  10. Apparently quite a handful of people have had Vista wifi issues whereby a laptop resuming from Sleep/Hibernate cannot connect to the wifi; resetting the wireless card does not help and only a reboot fixes it. It might not be baloney and there is some truth to the matter.
  11. Reading these real world examples of online data loss (HA! it was online so you thought you won’t lose it), makes me feel quite smug about my WHS .