It has been a while since I posted some of the interesting find (been busy for a change).

  1. Slashtop - no more waiting for the OS to boot up; if you want to get online or make a call using skype then this is up and running in an instant; more details here .
  2. Exploits of a Mom - need I say more?
  3. 5 ways to share big files between co-workers or friends - quite handy when you are in those pesky situations when you need to get something across to someone else.
  4. Cellprofile Switcher - you can use the information about the mobile cell your phone uses to do some work for you. For example, your phone can automatically silent itself when you get to work. Of course not too much help when on the tube.
  5. Kudocities - I came across this when trying to find out what happened to there was a decent buritto joint (sadly not in the same league as Chipotle ) close to the office which suddenly closed and that was a big deal! Why? Well for all the culture, people, excitement, smoke, crime, tube, etc. that is London there is not a decent Mexican joint. 👎
  6. Crazy about Alarms? Then check out phoneAlarm for your mobile.
  7. Vidabox Lux - is this the most advanced Media Centre? It supports HD-DVD, HDTV, BluRay, etc.
  8. My Mobiler - interact with your Windows Mobile screen from your desktop (including copy/past, drag/drop, capture, etc.). Or maybe it is this one ?
  9. Desktop Wallpapers - quite amazing and hundreds and free.
  10. Z Wave Products - of course if you need to “shutdown” then won’t work. Err … what the heck is Z Wave ?