1. Fastest residential uplink in the world - 40 GB/sec!
  2. Updated programmer stereotypes - updated for “today’s” world.
  3. Hotmap shows where people have looked at when using Virtual Earth .
  4. Advanced Vista Codec Package  (note: I have not used these yet)
  5. Vista’s (little known) recovery strategies .
  6. My Picture 3D allows you to see your pictures in a 3D environment - probably a bit useless and only for those with a high speed Internet access.
  7. Outlook Extra allows to change the default path so you can easily find and delete attachments send in emails among other tweaks.
  8. Moo - they print things from your stuff.
  9. PHP121 - a php based IM - perfect for internal corporate chat where you don’t (or can’t) access one of the IM’s.
  10. Five Tech mistakes to avoid .
  11. Visual Studio Robotics tutorial (with Mindstorms NXT of course).
  12. Free legal icons for you to leech (they are under GPL).
  13. Parking Perfection game - learn how to park! 😄
  14. Warthog anyone?
  15. Toshiba’s wireless docking station - though I have had such terrible experiences with my Tecra M3 over the last 3-odd years I cannot recommend a Toshiba to anyone!