I must say after getting used to viewing TV (and Movies) via a MCE - not having one is sorely missed. Recently the machine was randomly hanging and a few blue-screens and as it turns out one of my memory sticks went bad which was causing the issues.

Although I had bought the memory from Crucial , over two years ago - they have a lifetime warranty. I called them and they immediately volunteered to change both the sticks (as I was running them in dual-channel). I was running the machine fine on one stick albeit a little slow, but I decided to send in both sticks and get things back to “normal”. Now I have been waiting for just over a week to get back the replacement memory. Which means for just over a week and we don’t have a MCE running at home and boy I was surprised that we miss it!


Watching “Live TV” is just not done now - not to mention the fact the guide in Sky is quite irritating with the stupid music and the full-screen mode - where the whole screen switches back to the guide hiding whatever you were watching.

On a little different note, I was quite amazed with the service and professionalism of  Crucial while dealing with them on the phone. Yes it has taken a little longer than I was told (although to be fair they said turn around is “quick” and I was not given any specific time - but at the same time I did not ask for a timeline). I just got off the phone with them and I have been told the memory should be shipping out today with express delivery! I just wish there were more companies who did such an excellent job of customer service!