After a few initial hiccups , I got Orcas installed and up and running but trying to do something simple with it has been challenging. For example if you create a new simple WinForm (I only tried this with c#) and open the default Form in the solution you get the following error:

The service Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.ISelectionContainer already exists in the service container.

Parameter name: serviceType

Here is a screen shot of the same error:
<p> <img src="images/image0.png" alt=""/> </p>

As it turns out, there are a few others who are also having the same problem and there does not seem to be a solution at hand. Yes this is Beta 1 and things won’t work, but I did not expect such simple things to break! It reminds me all the horror stories we had trying to get stuff integrated into TFS and also WCF early bits.


I am running this on Vista x32 with UAC switched off.

Anyway, this is a deal breaker for me on my primary machine and as a result am in the process of rolling back to VS.NET 2005.