<p> <img src="images/WMDCHome1_thumb6.jpg" alt=""/> </p> About time if you ask me; WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) - Incase you have not heard, WMDC is the thing that replaces ActiveSync and is the new software that allows you to sync you mobile phone or Pocket PC/PDA with Vista has finally gone RTM. . I am glad this has gone live as that means, no more hacking to get this installed and working . You can read up more on it at the WMDC Home Page .

Before you install this, if you have any of the old versions installed, then you need to uninstall it first before you try and installing this new one. Below are the steps from Microsoft on how to go about this.

Uninstall Steps:

  • Open the Start menu
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click on “Uninstall or Change a Program”
  • Select “Windows Mobile Device Center” from the program list and click “Uninstall”
  • Select “Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update” from the program list and click “Uninstall”

Install Steps:

To install the new version you need to plug in the phone first. Here are the steps:

  • Connect your device to your PC.
  • Download the Windows Mobile Device Center Installer (9 MB) to your PC by clicking on the download link.
  • Select Run this program from its current location and click OK.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

You can get both the x32 and the x64 bit versions - approx. 10 mb each.