Yes, it is one of the simplest rules of grammar, but I still get confused - I call it Writers Block


Technically my mother-tongue is Hindi , and I can speak the “street version” of it and while I can read it - you honestly don’t want me to. The fact that most fellow Indians around at that time are in splits and rolling on the floor might give you a clue. Well I am not particularly proud of that, the fact remains I suck at Hindi and no matter of dressing can fix that. On the flip side, my English is quite strong and for the most part I can read and write it just fine, some of my spellings and grammar sure can do with a refresher (hey but Word helps).

This grammar usage (or rather the lack of it) was highlighted by two things - one writing a book and two, Meenakshi actually starting to read this blog (more on that another day).

I did find these two sites which help people like me in helping find out the difference between Affect v Effect:

  1. Blue Book of Grammar
  2. Writing Tips

If you want to hone your Hindi skills then check out BBC Hindi .