After struggling thru the weekend, with a hit and a miss to get push email working it seems at the end of it, the problem was between the user and the keyb. 😄

I had active sync setup correctly, with the right Exchange settings. And when I was connected to my wireless (at home), using the mobile it was working. It took the effort of my colleague, Rick Pollak, to point out the obvious that I did not have a data account setup on the phone. (duh!). After having set that up all is well now. So, from now (until I get fed up and switch if off), if you send me an email to my office address at Avanade, I will get that email on my phone, ala blackberry style.

If you want to setup the data account on your mobile for for Orange (in the UK), the steps to do that on a Windows Pocket PC are:

   1. On the PDA, tap on Start and then Settings.
   2. Tap on the Connections tab.
   3. Tap on the Connections icon.
   4. Tap on the Advanced tab.
   5. Tap on Select Networks.
   6. Under the first drop down box, tap on New…
   7. In the Enter a name for these settings: field, enter Orange GPRS WAP
   8. Tap on the Modem tab.
   9. Tap on New…
  10. In the Enter a name for the connection: field, enter Orange GPRS WAP
  11. Tap on the Select a modem drop-down list and select Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G).
  12. Tap on Next.
  13. In the Access point name: field, enter orangewap
  14. Tap on Next.
  15. Tap on Finish.
  16. Tap on the Proxy Settings tab.
  17. Select the This network connects to the Internet option.
  18. Select the This network uses a proxy sever to connect to the Internet option.
  19. Tap on Advanced… Tap on WAP.
  20. In the Server field, enter
  21. In the Port field, enter 8080
  22. Tap on ok five times
  23. Tap on x to close the Settings screen.

The next steps are optional, and you should do this if you want to go to Orange’s site as opposed to something like <em>BBC Mobile</em> .

  24. Tap on Start, Programs and then Internet Explorer.
  25. Tap on Menu.
  26. Tap on Favorites…
  27. Tap on the Add / Delete tab.
  28. Tap on Add…
  29. In the Name field, enter Orange GPRS WAP
  30. In the Address field, enter
  31. Tap on Add.
  32. Tap on ok.
  33. Tap on x.

If you are using a Smartphone device (such as the one that Meenakshi got ) as opposed to a Pocket PC device then you check out this link , where you can download a cab file and it sets it up for the network of your phone company. There are details for 02, Orange, TMobile and Vodafone – both Pay as you go and contract.