Being the good citizen that you are, you have Automatic Updates switched on and you find that Windows downloaded the updates and installed them. BTW, if you have not run Windows update recently I would recommend to do it now as there were a bunch of critical updates that were released yesterday. Also you should run Microsoft Updates instead of Windows update as that will pull down all the updates to all MS products installed and not just Windows. but now it bugs you every few minutes asking you to reboot.


Even though you have installed the updates, why won’t Windows give you a break and keep asking if you would like to reboot (see image). God damn, I got work to do and I will reboot in a bit, just cannot do it now (especially if your machine is like my laptop, where after logging in I need to walk away for about 5 minutes as it sits there and churns away to glory and is completely useless). So what options do I have? Well, there are three things you can do. One is cave in and reboot. Two, if you are the patient lot (unlike me), you can keep clicking on Restart Later every few minutes. Alternatively, you can stop the “Automatic Updates” services and get rid of the annoying Window.

To so do, click on Start => Run and type in “services.msc” (without the quotes). From the Services window find “Automatic Updates”, right-click on it and select Stop. This service is important for Windows update to work., so don’t disable the service. However, if you just stop this service, then it is disabled only for this session of Windows and next time you restart Windows this will be up and running as usual.

It is important to point out, that till you reboot many of the updates do not kick in, as they might be things running in memory, so do not ignore it for long and reboot as soon as possible. Till you do so, even though you have downloaded the fixed bits, you are still running the “broken bits”.