Thanks to Elia for pointing this out. If you are in the market for a new laptop but can wait, then this kick-ass machine can be out soon. Atom Chip corporation is getting ready for the CES 2006 show which is going to be held in January 2006 in Vegas. The computer should demonstrate how Quantum and Quantum-optical devices could operate in consumer electronics. Without proper benchmarking, it is hard to tell if the “AtomChip” 6.8Ghz CPU is faster than current high-end competitors are, but the solid-state drive (in place of the traditional hard disk) should be much much faster.

Here are some shots of the machine running Windows XP with 2 TB of space and 1 TB of memory - drool!


6.8 Ghz and 1 Terabyte of RAM

2 Terabyte of Disk Space

2 Terabytes of Non-Volatile Ram

6.8 Ghz Quantum II Processor with 256 MB of on-board memory

Update: There have been a couple of discussions on this with many people saying this is a hoax, as Windows XP does not support more than 16 GB of memory (I think its less than that, but not gone looking myself). In any case, come January, we would know in CES one way or the other.