Got money to burn? PC Magazine is here to help, and they are not talking Champaign kisses and caviar dreams; they are talking about the hottest entertainment technology money can buy. Their roundup covers everything from 61-inch plasma displays to media hubs for piping tunes throughout your house. Go ahead and ogle .

Your $150 million lottery haul snuggles safely in the mattress. Another $100 million, left you by the cat lady for rescuing Hieronymus, rests pleasantly under the petunias. You own both Park Place and Boardwalk. Life is good, but then Ed McMahon saddles you with a check for a million - annoying pocket change hardly worth hiding in the sock drawer. What to do?

Fortunately, when surplus money pools, technology can find an efficient way to absorb it. For those burdened by the affliction of excess capital—or those concerned about the future possibility—we have reviews of high-tech lifesavers that quickly relieve the strain from the weight of filthy lucre.

Since you’re an independently wealthy, carefree individual, there are just too many hours in a day that need filling, so this first installment will concentrate on the serious business of entertainment.