NY Post reports that Google is working on a new browser (as reported on /. if you check www.gbrowser.com among other domains, they are taken by google). Based on the half-dozen hires in recent weeks, Google appears to be planning to launch its own Web browser and other software products to challenge Microsoft. Google hired Joshua Bloch, one of the main developers for Java, from Sun. They also hired four people who worked on Internet Explorer. One of them, Adam Bosworth, is credited with being a driving force not only behind IE, Access too. Most recently, Google grabbed Joe Beda, the lead developer on Avalon .

Other blogs and analysts believe Google is working on an instant-messaging program and a Web browser to challenge Internet Explorer. The strategy is supported by other clues as well. Last month, Google hosted Mozilla Developer Day on its campus, a gathering of programmers that work together to build sequels to Mozilla, which could be shaped to Google’s specifications and be embedded with Google search, Gmail free e-mail and other Google applications.