Microsoft has a site <strong>dedicated</strong> towards Architects geared towards VSTS where if you are an Architect (or an aspiring one) then you can learn more on this and also provide feedback back to Microsoft. Of interest on the same lines would be the following blogs too:

Here is an excerpt from the site:

Building complex service-oriented solutions requires several architectural considerations including services and contract design, communications security, operations manageability and provisioning, and so on. Add to this, the time-honored issues architectural teams are mired with—architecting upfront with deployment in mind, ensuring design changes are propagated to code and vice versa, establishing seamless communication between design and development teams and design and operations teams.

Visual Studio 2005 Team Architect Edition addresses exactly these problems at the core with a set of Distributed System Designers that help reduce the complexity of developing and deploying service-oriented applications. A core deliverable of the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DS), these designers, leveraging the System Definition Model (SDM), allow senior developers and architects to define service-oriented applications that will be configured into systems for deployment. While application architects can visualize their service-oriented applications, developers can work with the generated code while keeping the code-changes synchronized with the visual design. In addition, the Distributed System Designers can be used to create diagrams or interconnected hosts that represent the logical structure of a data center for the purpose of communicating important information to the developer about the target deployment environment. The Distributed System Designers can also bind applications to these logical servers and validate them against the constraints of the application/data center prior to actual deployment.