Some of you out there have emailed me and expressed interest in knowing a little more on what I do and what is the purpose of this blog and what the heck does it run on? Now I am absolutely amazed that there are people out there reading this. My question to you is, what the heck are you doing reading this, don’t you have work or something to do? Anyways, what can I say, I am a Geek! W00T! Computers is something (probably the only things) I know a little about and have been playing with them ever since I can remember. Computers even today is first a passion, then a hobby and then a career, I am just very happy I am doing something I love doing and getting paid for it. :)

This came into being because many of my dear (and geeky) friends and colleagues bugged the hell out of me on where is my blog? They figured that I would be the first one out there with one. But with all the work and travel (due to work) I don’t get the time. Even now don’t expect an entry here everyday - it might now and then for the most part.

I run a modified version of .Text (very slightly modified) which is an excellent open source implementation called .Text, check them out on <strong>Gotdotnet</strong> . This ofcourse is running .NET with the backend being on SQL Server. .Text is pretty flexible and you can do a lot of stuff, I just have not had the time that is all. If you do go that way, try it out locally and let me know if there are any problems. Though Scott Water, the author of .Text has an excellent <strong>Wiki</strong> which I would ofcourse recommend to check out first. But as I said, if you want any help feel free to ping me, I cannot guarantee a reply immediately, but I will certainly get back.

I wanted to find a good (and cheap) hosting company, so after looking high and low, I came across <strong></strong> - I have been with them for 2-3 months now - not very long when compared to one of my other <strong>domains</strong> , where I have been for the last 6 years or so.