SLMs - How to run Phi-2 Locally, and implement RAG

1. What are Small Language Models (SLMs)? Before diving into running Phi-2 locally, let’s take a moment to understand the concept of small language models (SLMs) and their significance in natural language processing (NLP). A SLM is a type of AI model that has been trained on a massive dataset of text but is limited in terms of its size and capabilities compared to a Large Language Model (LLM). SLMs are designed to be more lightweight and efficient, making them suitable for various applications, including chatbots, language translation, and content generation....

March 13, 2024 · Amit Bahree

Shedding Light on the Art of Prompt Engineering

How many prompt engineers does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, but first, they need to fine-tune the model to make sure the AI doesn’t end up writing a poem about darkness instead. DALLE generated image of How many engineers it take to change a light bulb

February 28, 2024 · Amit Bahree

📚 My new book "Generative AI in Action"

🌐 As software continues to revolutionize the world, the advent of Generative AI is transforming the very fabric of software itself. My latest book, Generative AI in Action delves into this transformative journey. I am thrilled to announce the early release of my latest book, Generative AI in Action now available through Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) . This publication is a deep dive into the cutting-edge world of #GenerativeAI, #LLMs, #OpenAI, and #Azure #OpenAI, tailored specifically for enterprises....

November 14, 2023 · Amit Bahree

AI working with humans

What does AI think of humans and our humor? I asked #AI - #CodeInterpreter plugin for #ChatGPT to express its experience as an AI working with humans as a meme. It wrote this code to create the meme below. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Create a new figure with a white background fig, ax = plt....

July 8, 2023 · Amit Bahree

OpenAI's Whisper speech model - an overview

What is Whisper from OpenAI? Whisper is a speech recognition model (ASR – automatic speech recognition) from OpenAI. The model itself is multi-task model and as a result in addition to speech recognition, can also do language identification and speech translation across a number of languages. The model is open sourced and it comes in 5 sizes. Of these, 4 have a english-only variant which seem to perform better if one only needs english....

February 28, 2023 · Amit Bahree

Hello New Bing 👋

Bing is getting a new look and feel, powered by Microsoft AI and OpenAI (ChatGPT) and was announced yesterday. There is a lot of buzz around this, and I thought I would share my thoughts on this as I got access today. What is the new Bing? Well, it is the thing that is making the 800-pound gorilla in the room, Google, come out and dance on its toes. 🦍...

February 9, 2023 · Amit Bahree

PFOaaS - Polite Fork Off As A Service

API Introduction Polite Fork Off As A Service (or PFOaaS) - is a modern REST API that solves the problem of one telling people to politely fork off. 😇 There are days when we all need such a service for various reasons, and I think it is a great way to release some pent-up frustration. 🖤 It is also a great way to get some laughs too. This is of course meant for hard code engineers, writing RPC free code 😜...

January 2, 2023 · Amit Bahree

Using CoPilot beyond code

In the last week or so, all the range online has been #OpenAI’s new chatbot called #ChatGPT (you can read more details on ChatGPT here ). This also got me thinking, about how can we use #CoPilot more than just code. GitHub CoPilot as you might recall is your #AI powered pair-programmer. And as we can see below, it indeed is possible to use Codex as sort of a more general purpose usage....

December 10, 2022 · Amit Bahree

Hello ChatGPT

OpenAI recently released #ChatGPT , a GPT-3 based chatbot that can be used to chat with. ChatGPT is a fine-tuned model of GPT3.5 , using #RL (specifically a PPO algorithm) similar to the Instruct series. This post is my experience in using it. Blog post with ChatGPT What better place to start with, than asking it about itself? 😃 Prompt: write me a blog post, about writing a blog post using a ai powered chatbot...

December 4, 2022 · Amit Bahree

Moving from WordPress to Hugo

I had been thinking for a while to move away from WordPress for the blog to something simpler and cleaner. WordPress has been great for me when I first moved to it from another engine. However, over time, I found that things have gotten slower, as I added themes and add-ins. Some of these have been great, and others are not really needed. I also wanted to dogfood some of the things we built at work, though in my case that wasn’t the primary motive, just another nice to have....

November 20, 2022 · Amit Bahree

AI generated text-to-video

Here is an example of how one can use a text prompt to generate a series of frames, that then are stitched together into a video. The prompt I used was: “a man walking in the parking lot with a miniature poodle”. the final video generated is shown below. There should have been a video here but your browser does not seem to support it. AI-generated video from a text prompt of a man walking in a parking lot with a miniature poodle...

October 11, 2022 · Amit Bahree

The rise of prompt engineering

I have said this before - with the advent of large AI models, Prompt Engineering is critical and is the next challenge for us to master. What is Prompt engineering? Prompt engineering is the process of fine-tuning large models and often is written in natural language, outlining the intention of the user. Prompt engineering is a key element that allows the output to be accurate and reflect the needs of the user....

September 17, 2022 · Amit Bahree

Nuget packages not found after installing Visual Studio 2022

I recently needed to install Visual Studio 2022 on one my existing machines to debug a new zeroshot model that has a dependency on our Speech SDK. The Speech SDK is one of our key #AI services in Cognitive Services (as part of #AzureAI). I already had VSCode running, but in this case I need the bigger brother. After installing Visual Studio, I could not get any nuget packages to install; I could not even fetch anything and didn’t matter what I used - the package manager console in Visual Studio, PowerShell, etc....

September 3, 2022 · Amit Bahree

Podman error on Ubuntu - short-name did not resolve to an alias and no unqualified-search registries

I recently installed Ubuntu on one of the Pi’s are home and installed Podman - which I hadn’t heard of until recently and is a container engine, similar to docker but doesn’t have a daemon. When trying to get a basic alpine test image running I got this error: Error: error creating build container: short-name "python:3.7-alpine" did not resolve to an alias and no unqualified-search registries are defined in "/etc/containers/registries.conf"...

March 25, 2022 · Amit Bahree

Developers mysterious life

The mysterious life of developers has evaded many of us, until now … There should have been a video here but your browser does not seem to support it. The mysterious life of a developer (courtesy Spoon Norge)

February 1, 2022 · Amit Bahree

How to run TeslaMate on Azure

If you have a Tesla, then you should absolutely check out TeslaMate which is data logger for your car(s) that one self-hosts. This uses the car’s API and gets all different kinds of telemetry of your drives, charging, batter conditions, acceleration, braking, parking, etc. I personally prefer this, over other online services (of which there are a few) - as it is giving away the keys to the kingdom - literally in this case (the Tokens used to authenticate and login)....

December 30, 2021 · Amit Bahree

AI writing AI code🤐

It is 2021. And we have #AI writing #AI code. 🤪 It is quite interesting, but also can be quite boring once you get beyond the initial technology, and just think of it as one of the tools in your arsenal. And getting to that point is a good think. As part of a think at work I recently started playing with GitHub Copilot , which is using GPT3 to be your pair programmer – helping write code....

October 10, 2021 · Amit Bahree

Reinforcement Learning - An Introduction

Reinforcement Learning is teaching by example – it is how most of us learn. Reinforcement Learning (#RL) is a different approach to ML – it is a set of techniques that allows AI algorithms to experiment and learn from experience. RL falls in between supervised and unsupervised learning – there isn’t any labeled data, but at the same time it isn’t unsupervised either. At its most simple form, RL is a computational approach for automating goal-oriented decision making and learning....

July 16, 2021 · Amit Bahree

GPT-3 vs other AI powered assistants

I have been kicking the tires with Open AI’s #GPT-3 . Based on the screenshot below, it might be easy to think “oh boy does the model think highly of itself”, but as with most things in life - the devil is in the details.😃 The screenshot below was a forked version of davinci engine and follows the Q&A structure. GPT-3 vs other AI assistants Using OpenAI’s API is quite simple; perhaps too simple!...

June 21, 2021 · Amit Bahree

ML algorithm cheat sheet

A #ML algorithm cheat sheet - helping narrow down to a certain set of #algorithm grouping depending on the problem at hand and what we are trying to solve from a business perspective. ML algorithm cheat sheet Figure 2 shows what additional characteristics we need to consider when choosing the right ML algorithm for your situation at hand. This is something that cannot be generic and is very situational. Characteristics in selecting ML algorithms If you find this useful, I would also recommend reading “ How to select algorithms ” which is detailed as part of Azure ML designer ....

May 3, 2021 · Amit Bahree



January 21, 2021 · Amit Bahree

Auto-update PowerShell and nag-free

If you are like me and get annoyed with the big PowerShell upgrade ’nag’ ‘reminder’ (see screenshot below); instead of trying to figure out what to download and install the update, there is a simpler way to get the latest update and address the nag. :) You can just run the code below in an elevated prompt to get the latest release of PowerShell - it is easy-peasy. :) 1 iex "& { $(irm https://aka....

January 11, 2021 · Amit Bahree

Changing Window Terminal's default directory

If you are like me, and don’t really have your work saved in the “%USERPROFILE%” it gets annoying after a time, to keep changing the directory. If there is one specific folder that you prefer, it is an easy configuration change in the profile setting - add a setting called “startingDirectory” and point it to the path you want. For example, I have a root folder called “src” where most of the code I am working on sits, and that’s where I wanted to default the terminal to....

January 8, 2021 · Amit Bahree

bfloat16 - how it improves AI chip designs

Floating point calculations are slow for computers (specifically CPUs); possibly representing the same struggle for many humans. :) I remember a time when a FPU (floating point unit) was an upgrade and one had to pay extra to get one. Very useful when you needed that extra precision in computing - and in my head, it always seemed like the Turbo button. :) For most #ML workloads and computations, precision isn’t the most important criteria; with every increasing data and parameters (looking at you GPT-3 with 45 TB of data and 175 billion parameters!...

September 12, 2020 · Amit Bahree

WSL2 +Ubuntu on Window 10 (2004)

One of the key advances in the latest version of Windows 10 (2004) is WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux v2) - and whilst a version bump, it offers so much more. This allows us to run with near-native performance linux binaries ( ELF64 ). Before we get into the steps outlined to install WSL2, I also recommend installing Windows Terminal , and winget . Although not required, it does make it simpler to use and a better (dev) experience - especially when setting up a new workstation....

August 5, 2020 · Amit Bahree