How to run TeslaMate on Azure

If you have a Tesla, then you should absolutely check out TeslaMate which is data logger for your car(s) that one self-hosts. This uses the car’s API and gets all different kinds of telemetry of your drives, charging, batter conditions, acceleration, braking, parking, etc. I personally prefer this, over other online services (of which there are a few) - as it is giving away the keys to the kingdom - literally in this case (the Tokens used to authenticate and login)....

December 30, 2021 · 16 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla API v3.9.1

Haven’t had time until now to explore on what is new as Tesla continues to push updates. The latest version as of this post is v3.9.1 which is what there I decompiled and when compared to the earlier version ( I had posted (v3.8.2) , there three new REST API’s outlined below. Service data from the car - not sure what exactly does this will. Need to try it....

August 29, 2019 · 2 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla REST APIs v3.8.2

It has been a while since I played with the various Tesla endpoint (APIs) - been too busy and haven’t had the time. I de-compiled the Tesla app and noticed a few new things in there - or at least new to me. The following are the ones which seem new and stand out. How exactly some of these are used, can only be one’s guess, but I can certainly infer a few things from this....

April 20, 2019 · 9 min · Amit Bahree

Update on Tesla .ssq files

Sometime back, I noticed the car downloaded a large file (5.1 GB) which was a .ssq file. I hadn’t heard of a ssq file, and was curious on what this was. I researched a little and as it turns out, a .ssq file is a compressed file system which is often used in an embedded Linux system, where storage size might be a area of concern. This file-system is called SquashFS, and is usually used on a read-only mode....

October 9, 2018 · 6 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla and Spotify

Something seems to be up, with the car tickling an endpoint for connectivity perhaps? Its only 663 bytes up and 222 bytes down. This is still on v8.1 (36.2) Spotify traffic from Tesla

October 7, 2018 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla v9 API endpoints

In case you haven’t been following the news, Tesla is in the process of releasing the new firmware beta. I think many folks online are super interested in new autopilot upgrades. I reverse engineered the associated app and there are certainly a few new end points exposed, as outlined below. Need time to now figure out more details on this and what they entail. Also need time to see what changes in the existing code and json (data structure)....

October 2, 2018 · 6 min · Amit Bahree

Setting up your own Model 3 "keyfob" - using a IoT Button

Some time ago, I talked about my Tesla Model 3 “keyfob” which essentially uses a Amazon IoT button to call some of Tesla API’s and “talk” to the car. This for me, is cool as it allows my daughter to unlock, and lock the car at home. And of course it is a bit geeky, and allowing one to play with more things. :) Since publishing this, I was surprised how many of you ping me asking on details on how they can did this for themselves....

September 16, 2018 · 12 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla .ssq file?

Tonight, I was a large download by the car, and saw that it was a .ssq file. The file name is consistent with the firmware naming convention, but I am not sure on what it is. The file itself is 5.11 GB, and in my case its name starts with “NA”. I am guessing, this might be the maps its updating. Below are a couple of screenshots showing this. I am trying to make sense of the binary file, but not making much headway....

September 14, 2018 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla debug/diagnostic screens

I don’t know how to get to debug / dev mode on a Tesla, but did come across this old post , on how someone was in a test drive, which did have this mode. Now this is quite old, so a lot has changed, but am impressed that a lot of the components and foundational architecture was setup. I am particularly impressed how each cell in the battery pack and report its state....

September 6, 2018 · 2 min · Amit Bahree

Tesla voice command list

As I was trying to understand more on the capabilities of the car, and what options I can do. The voice recognition on the car is quite impressive, it does seem as good at understanding as Amazon’s Echo, at least in the early days of “Alexa” (but that is a different story for another time). I was trying to understand what things can I control, or the options one has via the voice....

August 31, 2018 · 8 min · Amit Bahree