Nuget packages not found after installing Visual Studio 2022

I recently needed to install Visual Studio 2022 on one my existing machines to debug a new zeroshot model that has a dependency on our Speech SDK. The Speech SDK is one of our key #AI services in Cognitive Services (as part of #AzureAI). I already had VSCode running, but in this case I need the bigger brother. After installing Visual Studio, I could not get any nuget packages to install; I could not even fetch anything and didn’t matter what I used - the package manager console in Visual Studio, PowerShell, etc....

September 3, 2022 · 2 min · Amit Bahree

How to run TeslaMate on Azure

If you have a Tesla, then you should absolutely check out TeslaMate which is data logger for your car(s) that one self-hosts. This uses the car’s API and gets all different kinds of telemetry of your drives, charging, batter conditions, acceleration, braking, parking, etc. I personally prefer this, over other online services (of which there are a few) - as it is giving away the keys to the kingdom - literally in this case (the Tokens used to authenticate and login)....

December 30, 2021 · 16 min · Amit Bahree

AI writing AI code🤐

It is 2021. And we have #AI writing #AI code. 🤪 It is quite interesting, but also can be quite boring once you get beyond the initial technology, and just think of it as one of the tools in your arsenal. And getting to that point is a good think. As part of a think at work I recently started playing with GitHub Copilot , which is using GPT3 to be your pair programmer – helping write code....

October 10, 2021 · 10 min · Amit Bahree

GPT-3 vs other AI powered assistants

I have been kicking the tires with Open AI’s #GPT-3 . Based on the screenshot below, it might be easy to think “oh boy does the model think highly of itself”, but as with most things in life - the devil is in the details.😃 The screenshot below was a forked version of davinci engine and follows the Q&A structure. GPT-3 vs other AI assistants Using OpenAI’s API is quite simple; perhaps too simple!...

June 21, 2021 · 3 min · Amit Bahree



January 21, 2021 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Auto-update PowerShell and nag-free

If you are like me and get annoyed with the big PowerShell upgrade ’nag’ ‘reminder’ (see screenshot below); instead of trying to figure out what to download and install the update, there is a simpler way to get the latest update and address the nag. :) You can just run the code below in an elevated prompt to get the latest release of PowerShell - it is easy-peasy. :)...

January 11, 2021 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Changing Window Terminal's default directory

If you are like me, and don’t really have your work saved in the “%USERPROFILE%” it gets annoying after a time, to keep changing the directory. If there is one specific folder that you prefer, it is an easy configuration change in the profile setting - add a setting called “startingDirectory” and point it to the path you want. For example, I have a root folder called “src” where most of the code I am working on sits, and that’s where I wanted to default the terminal to....

January 8, 2021 · 2 min · Amit Bahree

Getting list of users from Microsoft Teams

I recently needed to get a list of users that belong to a specific Microsoft Teams team - and there isnt anything out of the box to get this using the Teams app. AFAIK, the only way to do this is using the Microsoft graph API - for which there are a few options. For something quick (e.g. getting a list of users in a team), using the Graph explorer could be easy enough....

June 5, 2020 · 8 min · Amit Bahree

Git and Code

I think this from xkcd sums up my afternoon quite nicely. Messed up a repo, and then was trying to ‘clean up’. A huge thank you to Lily, on the team, for working with me to cleaning up my mess, and helping me show some of the ropes. I know there are quite a few tutorials out there; a couple of these that I found including one from Lily....

May 10, 2020 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Docker / Docker Compose on a Pi

Been playing with a few things at home, and as part of that was trying to get Docker and Docker Compose running on a Raspberry Pi. Docker Compose if you aren’t familiar with, allows one to run multi-container apps, and is very handy when building multi-tier layered applications - which are quite common. I was running it docker on my (Synology) NAS, but a recent update from them broke docker - specifically environment variables....

September 26, 2019 · 6 min · Amit Bahree