Feedback on Books?

I have been thinking of a couple of books and would like to know if anyone actually have bought them and what their perspective on those are? Thanks to Murty for pointing out the CLR one…. Sockets, Shellcode, Porting, & Coding: Reverse Engineering Exploits And Tool Coding For Security Professionals Customizing the Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language Runtime Has anyone used these? If so, what was your take on them?

April 19, 2005 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Debugging Indian Computer Programmers

Picked this story up on slashdot , so you might have already seen it there. Well I can speak of this first hand, though the write-up is intriguing, this is something I would get and read up and only then provide my perspective. Have any of you read this, if so what are your thoughts? <p> <img src="images/0975514008.01.THUMBZZZ.jpg" alt=""/> </p> The H1-B visa program allows many thousands of non-American technical workers (about half a million at the moment) to hold jobs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the U....

December 21, 2004 · 2 min · Amit Bahree

Essential XML Quick Reference: A Programmer's Reference to XML, XPath, XSLT, XML Schema, SOAP, and More - FREE Download

Addison-Wesley and Developmentor have provided TheServerSide.NET with the entire book of Essential XML Quick Reference for free download. Essential XML Quick Reference is for anyone working with today’s mainstream XML technologies. It was specifically designed to serve as a handy but thorough quick reference that answers the most common XML-related technical questions.It goes beyond the traditional pocket reference design by providing complete coverage of each topic along with plenty of meaningful examples....

November 23, 2004 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

What is All Consuming?

This morning with nothing better to do I was browsing (as usual) and came across an interesting site called <strong>All Consuming</strong> . What are they? Well I asked the same question. Turns out that they watch all weblogs for books that are being discussed and displays the popular ones on an hourly basis. I was surprised to find that they had <strong>these</strong> entries about this blog. Its interesting to see a pattern on what books are being discussed....

June 9, 2004 · 1 min · Amit Bahree

Cracking the Da Vinci Code

First of all, if you don’t know what the hell am I talking about, jeez, where have you been buddy? If you do but have not read the book, then please do yourself a favour and do so. You can buy it from <strong>here</strong> . Once you do finish reading the book, then come back here and we can talk about it. The crux of the book relies on the golden ratio also known as the divine proportion which has a value of 1....

May 18, 2004 · 5 min · Amit Bahree